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Relationship Lesson From The Wild

Updated: Feb 1

David studies wild animals on safari to uncover a fantastic remedy to relationship problems.

Relationship Lessons from Wild Animals on Safari

Humans are supposed to be more intelligent than animals. But why then do animals not have relationship issues?

When I was in Africa and went on safari, the guide told us never to reach our arms out of the vehicle.

It was amazing how wild lions and leopards and elephants will come right up to the vehicle, but never touch it, or us, even though we would be a tasty meal.

1. Don't fall for the package

The reason is that animals see the vehicle and everyone in it as one big animal with strange legs and arms, so they never attack.

They don't understand that we are delicious food sitting inside a metal thing that can be easily grabbed like a cookie out of the box.

Humans are not any better than these animals when it comes to relationships.

We look at someone and find them attractive or not based on their clothes, makeup and hairstyle.

We do not see the person inside the body, but only see the decoration of the body.

We fall for the package and then in time, when we get the wrapping off and wake up without makeup or styled hair and sexy clothing, eventually lose interest.

2. Think beyond what we see in front of us

Like the animals who do not think further than what they see, we see the clothes as the actual person.

When we get their clothes off and find the fat, bad skin or wig, do we still find them attractive? Many will not. We may even explain "you are not the person I thought you are" to the other person.

Why Do We Lose interest?

We must ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. Who is really at fault when our interest in another person fades or dies off?

  2. What really drew us to that person?

  3. Do we want to live with the person or their clothes closet?

No Animal Beauty Salon

Our feelings and desires are usually based on the illusionary appearance and not the reality of who that person is, their personality.

The animals' advantage is that they see what they are getting, with no beauty salon intervention.

Animals May Be Smarter Than Us

We are not any different than animals, but we imagine we are better, and so, the belief in a lie, which is that we are falling for a person when in fact we are falling for a mannequin, is the lie that ends in disappointment.

Then we blame the other person for not being who we thought they were.

Who is the real fool? The one who puts on the costume, or the one who mistakes their outfit for the real person?

3. Get to know the gift, not the gift wrap

Have fun playing dress-up, but we must never forget that what our eyes see is just a gift wrap.

We are getting what's inside the wrapper, so go straight to that; get to know that first.

If we post pictures that are totally retouched, covered in makeup, made to drop 20 kilos, and then when we meet, it's just one date and over, we can't blame the other person for feeling deceived.

4. become a Person who Shines from the Inside

Our workshops on Relationships are about becoming the type of person that shines and glows from the inside, making everyone see YOU rather than just the packaging.

Real love is a combination of admiration and respect.

If you want to find real love, and have a lasting relationship, make it your priority to become the person people want to look at and don't know why, but there is something about you that is different, attractive and makes them want to know you better.

Our Relationship Workshops

You will get at least three things from attending our workshops.

Over time you will -

  1. Become the person people want to be with.

  2. See the truth about other people.

  3. Remove the fears and inhibitions about yourself or others because you have strong self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Real Power

That is the real power and key to finding love as I had.

For 12 years, it was affectionate playfulness every day and night, without one moment of anger or a single fight in all those years, until death did us part.

My personal goal for my life is to see as many people be as happy together as we were.