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Relationship Lesson From The Wild

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

David studies wild animals on safari to uncover a fantastic remedy to relationship problems.

Relationship Lessons from Wild Animals on Safari

Humans are supposed to be more intelligent than animals. But why then do animals not have relationship issues?

When I was in Africa and went on safari, the guide told us never to reach our arms out of the vehicle.

It was amazing how wild lions and leopards and elephants will come right up to the vehicle, but never touch it, or us, even though we would be a tasty meal.

1. Don't fall for the package

The reason is that animals see the vehicle and everyone in it as one big animal with strange legs and arms, so they never attack.

They don't understand that we are delicious food sitting inside a metal thing that can be easily grabbed like a cookie out of the box.

Humans are not any better than these animals when it comes to relationships.

We look at someone and find them attractive or not based on their clothes, makeup and hairstyle.