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Find And Keep A Loving Relationship

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Learn how to attract a '10' loving relationship and build a wonderful life together  

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In this workshop, David helps you get to the level needed to attract your perfect 10 partner. He helps you discover any limiting behaviour with corrective exercise in a supportive, engaging and comedic way.

Gain the tools to become the most DESIRABLE partner anyone could dream of having, so you can attract, and keep, the partner you desire.




Become worthy of the ’10’ partner you want in your life.


Do you:


❓face CHALLENGES in your relationships?


❓hit ROADBLOCKS that stop you from opening up?


❓push away OPPORTUNITIES that you really desire?


This workshop will teach you how to:


✔️ OVERCOME your emotional blocks and fears.


✔️ PREVENT misunderstandings that lead to breakups.


✔️ be UNAFFECTED by emotional swings, both yours and other people.


✔️ see how to PREVENT pushing away your partner.


Expert in human behaviour and relationships, David Samuel, shares his insight into resolving the issues we all face in relationships from thousands of case studies over decades of international research.


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