Man climbing mountain to reach the clouds
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Training for a better life.

David Samuel, 

Entrepreneur, Mentor & Motivator.

david samuel entrepreneur relationship coach

Imagine a life where you achieve peak performance. Where you cannot be insulted, manipulated or made to feel guilty for any reason.


 The  Be A Cloud Initiative

At the Be A Cloud Initiative, we teach a new language. 


It's the language of understanding the true  cause of the cause of things and peoples words and actions. 

Power is being flexible in a rigid world.


The Be A Cloud Initiative is designed to show people how to take control of their lives.


Take the initiative to free yourself from confusing and conflicting emotions and reach your potential.

With our workshops, you will learn the truth about who you really are and who you can be.


Striving to be the tallest mountain is limited to the peak, but a cloud has no limits.


The Be A Cloud Initiative draws inspiration from clouds because they are the perfect example of limitless power and freedom from fear.

Clouds do not need boundaries and cannot be made to feel negative. Clouds are the epitome of emotional and worldly freedom.

Join us on the journey to being a cloud and become powerful in every part of your life.


Be free to live the life you dream of having; financially, emotionally and mentally.

Watch what our students have to say

Most people want to be as strong as a mountain.

They have their boundaries and want to be respected and treated a certain way.

However, when somebody crosses those boundaries, they can lose control.


But a cloud is more powerful.​

Clouds have no such demands of how others should treat them.


They are free to go anywhere they want and be any type of cloud they want.


Clouds cannot be hurt, touched or controlled in any way. That is true power and freedom.

When a plane flies into a mountain, everyone dies.


When a plane flies through a cloud, no one is hurt, not the people, plane or cloud.

Stop trying to be a mountain and learn to be a cloud, you will get everything you really want, financially and emotionally.

A disaster for a mountain is a breeze for a cloud.

Similing Team of Arab and Western business people

Learn how to Be A Cloud. 
To be unaffected by anybody
in almost any situation.




Learn why you get into negative moods



Become emotionally balanced



Learn how your mind functions


Have loving




Achieve financial success

Our workshops help you achieve & master ALL steps

"Very helpful, very informative, very engaging. I would recommend everyone to attend"

— Hossam, Dubai

“After I listened,

all my questions have been answered.”

— Era, Dubai

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