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About David Samuel

A life dedicated to helping each person

and company fulfil their potential 

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The monk who gave away his aeroplane


From the young age of 8, David had a vision and knew what he wanted to do with his life:

  • Retire before 30 years old

  • Travel the world and pursue a spiritual path

  • Start teaching a balanced way of living that can end the daily suffering of negative emotions and lack of success.

Starting out in Montreal


David started his first business in Montreal, Canada at the age of 13 as a freelance photographer. After school and holidays, he worked in a clothing factory, shops, and anything else he could find.
At 16 he was living on his own and supporting himself. He has owned a variety of businesses ranging from retail, manufacturing, nuclear waste remediation, alternate cancer cures, and over 20 others in 15 countries.

Giving away his aeroplane

David recalls the time he was about to make a large amount of money on one of his companies.


I traced back the beginning of the chain of events that led me there, and it was my friend who helped me buy this plane. John could never afford a plane of his own, and he also flew, so I gave it to him in gratitude for having set a wonderful chain of events into place years ago.

David Samuel

David Samuel next to the aeroplane he gave away on Sept 2001- a Homebuilt RV4, the aerobatic Ferrari of the sky

David Samuel is next to his homebuilt RV4, the 'aerobatic Ferrari of the sky' he gave away.

Retiring at 28


True to his vision, David retired at 28 years old to travel the world and find ancient mystical schools where he studied Zen in an 1,100-year-old monastery in Japan, Sufism in Istanbul in a 400-year-old school and continued in India, Egypt, Thailand, China and many other mystical schools in several countries.

Having attained a deep level of mental and emotional freedom, combined with his financial success, David can lead anyone to a much happier and more successful life; financially, career and love.

As an avid traveller, he has visited and lived in over 94 countries.


David is currently based in Mauritius where he helps people and businesses around the world.


Teachers, coaches and mentors have played an important role in my life from an early age. However, it wasn’t until I met David in my 20s that I understood there is yet another level much more valuable than all those roles combined. It’s the role of friend. A true friend. A friend who is there when needed. Who doesn’t forget you even if it’s been a long time between seeing each other. Who has your best interests at heart. By virtue of association with David, I become less limited, more free and more myself.

That is the sort of friend I aspire to be.

~ Ande, a student

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