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Supercharge Your Life & Business

David reveals his newest workshops. Experience renewed motivation in life and achieve peak performance. 

 We present a variety of different workshops each time we run this event 
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The universe will not give you
what you want,
it will give you what you deserve.

This session will introduce a variety of our workshops and their valuable tools:


All is Mind. 

An epiphony that will change how you see the world


Reach the pinnacle of your career


Find and keep a loving relationship


Discover the hidden anatomy of the mind


Build unwavering self-esteem


End frustration 

and master communication

Make yourself worthy of deserving a better life,
and then it will come to you

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The Supercharge Your Life & Business workshop is the perfect opportunity to gain an overview of David Samuel and his training.

This event is a live in-person AND online webinar. Please indicate your choice after you sign up and receive the confirmation email.

This event will present valuable sections from three of David's core workshops:

  1. Unravelling confusion with All is Mind

  2. End frustration and master communication

  3. Find and keep a lasting, loving relationship

  4. Reach the pinnacle of your career.


You will leave with the keys to unlocking a new and powerful life experience

Imagine a life where you cannot be insulted, manipulated, angered, or made to feel guilty for any reason.

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