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  • Writer's pictureDavid Samuel

Stop These 6 Relationship Mistakes To Keep Love Burning

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Eliminate these faux pas to enjoy a life of intimacy and love together.

We all value the freedom to speak our minds to the special person in our lives. But when not done thoughtfully, it can cause irreparable harm. Just because you are in a relationship doesn't mean you can say whatever you want.


It starts with your personality type.

There are many complex tools available to analyse your personality. But I believe a simple dissection gets us to the core of the problem faster.

A person can be classified into one of three main personality types;

  • Intellectual

  • Emotional

  • Physical.

We are all primarily one of these three types of personalities, and then a mix of the other two. This combination forms the infinite possibility that makes each of us unique.

However, we each have one predominant character type which determines how we think and behave. This then filters the events of our entire life based on that particular point of view.

Each personality reacts uniquely.