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  • Writer's pictureDavid Samuel

I Learn From My Mistakes, Or Do I?

You made a mistake, one or more times, and now you are determined that you will not make that same mistake again.

The problem is, and reason that you do keep making the same mistakes, is that you do not know what the real mistake is.

You are trying to fix the wrong thing, like putting a cast on your arm when your leg is broken.

When you say you will not make the same mistake again, you are actually making a mistake now, by mistakingly thinking that you could have done things differently in the past and that you had a choice.

There are many reasons that we make mistakes; our innocence and inability to recognize or fight the natural human body and animal desires, passions and emotions that create chemicals in the brain that drove you far more powerfully than common sense or the ability to have objective reason and logic.

The body is designed to prevent you from recognizing that you do not have free will to think and determine your actions, which when we are younger is even more powerful.

One big mistake people make is the imagination that they have a choice of what to do or not do. That is simply not true and with a little honest self reflection you will see that there are so many things you know you should not do or say, but cannot stop yourself.

If you cannot stop yourself, then what makes you think you had a choice? And if you did not have a choice, then how can you think you made a mistake, if you were forced beyond your free will to take that decision.

The mistake is thinking you failed and made a mistake.

The mistake now is that you think you should have been able to see things and choose differently when in fact there was no way you were able to see those things or even choose differently when your body and hormones drove you with passion and desire.

Humans are part conscience and part animal. Our body has its desires and instincts like any animal, and that is controlled by chemicals produced in the brain which give us the feeling of passion, desire, pleasure and fear.

The strongest need for humans is that of companionship and affection. Sex is so powerful a drive because nature needs us, like all animals, to reproduce so the