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How to Find Truth

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Learn the Language of Truth to find the truth in ourselves and know other people's true intentions.

How to Find Truth

The Language of Truth is to see the objective reality of things, the factual version of the situation in front of you. Not the remixed, embellished and exaggerated version.

What is Objective Reality?

At an atomic level, all things are 90% space, but if you punch a brick wall with your bare hand, it's your hand that breaks.

Similarly, objective reality is knowing the general 'rules' that govern people before you even start a conversation with them.

For example, when the commissioned salesperson says; "Trust me, this is the right product for you", you know they cannot necessarily be trusted.

Or, on a more personal level, you know that when your partner is upset with you, it can just be that they feel insecure and are venting their fear.

Objective Reality Shows You The Real Intention

To find another person's real motivations or intentions, what they really mean and feel, you must be able to see the truth.

We teach the Language of Truth to all students who attend our workshops. After practice, it becomes possible to perceive the truth in all things, to see the real meaning or underlying reality.

We must learn to see what is inside the box, instead of just the box and trusting what other people tell you is inside it.

1. Consider Each Person's Intention

Do they intend to trick you in business through scams or pushy salespeople? Or maybe it's on a personal level to hurt or manipulate you?