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How To Be An Entrepreneur

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

The entrepreneurial spirit is not just for business - it's also in our relationships and self-esteem and affects everything we do in life.

An entrepreneur is not only a person who does business, although that is the traditional definition of the word. Rather -

An entrepreneur is a person who is creative and solves problems, take chances and makes things happen, in every aspect of life.

Having started his first business at 13-years-old and built companies in over 20 different sectors, serial entrepreneur David Samuel examines what it means to be an entrepreneur in attitude and life.


1. Their Mind Is Wide Open

2. They See The Benefit In Everything

3. Their Mind Stays Calm


1. Their Mind Is Wide Open

An entrepreneur is a person whose mind is so open and creative that it can see a benefit in any situation, no matter how great a disaster it may appear to be.

For example, when David was doing business consulting for family-owned companies going bankrupt, his job was to save, revive, and rebuild the company.

The first meeting is for the owner to tell me all the problems and with each problem I responded with; that’s wonderful, fantastic!

Needless to say, the owner would get frustrated at David because he's te