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  • Writer's pictureDavid Samuel

How The 7 Powers Hold The Key To Your Future

Learn to master these 7 powers and you will control your destiny.

Every event in your life can be dealt with in different ways. You can run or stay put; Cower or stand strong; Steal or keep honest; Defend or attack; Lie or tell the truth.

In each of these moments where you have a choice, destiny is right there. And it will determine the direction your life will take from that moment onward based on your decision and action.

Destiny is not fixed, it is as fluid as the weather, changing at any moment.

The seven powers are the seven deadly sins

The seven sins are Unhealthy Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Laziness, Anger, Envy, Pride. We address them in this article as the seven powers because of the hold they have over our lives.

As strange as this may sound, the vast majority of people do not want to know that they are the master of their lives.

Why? Because the responsibility is too great, the challenge too difficult.

If you reflect on your past, you were behind every choice you had to make. Even if you think you did not have a choice, you will see that you had a choice. You probably just didn’t like the choice you knew was right.

Gravity can help us understand the seven powers.

Gravity is one of the powers of this planet and universe.

It keeps everything down to the ground. It also keeps the moon in orbit around the earth and the planets in orbit around the sun. It is always drawing everything to the lowest point. <