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  • Writer's pictureDavid Samuel

Do You Trust Destiny?

Do you say you trust in destiny, everything meant to happen will happen, eventually.

If you meet someone or some opportunity and you say it’s the wrong time but that you trust destiny will bring you together again another time if it is meant to be, are you being realistic and honest with yourself?

This is like rejecting Destiny saying; Thank you Destiny for bringing me what I want and have asked for, but I want you to work twice as hard to make it go away so that you have to work harder to figure out another way to bring me back this same thing later.

If you tried for decades to prepare a special gift for someone and when you deliver it to their door, they say thanks but no, I want you to take it away and figure out another way to bring it back to me some time in the future, how would you feel? Would you really want to do that?

So when you say if it is destined it will come it back, you are actually saying that what you asked for is something you do not want to have and just finding an excuse to justify your fears and lack of commitment to your own desires and goals.

Be honest with yourself about what you are really saying and believe.

Let’s test this principle

Do you have any regrets of missed opportunities in the past, that perhaps now so much has changed, perhaps simply age, that there is no way to get that back?

Think of any big event in your life, something special.

Think about everything that was involved in making that happen.

What are the many events that had to happen to make that happen, like a chain of dominoes.

Who did you meet? What was involved to make that meeting happen by perhaps apparent chance? What are the timings of the circumstances?

Go back as far as you can for the cause of each event, what happened just before that to make it happen.

Discover how many intricate steps or events or people had to be arranged to bring that moment to you, perhaps even the timing of a traffic light which made a chance passing in the street happen just perfectly timed.