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Beyond Being Insulted

Updated: Mar 26

This is not your typical 'How to deal with rude or insulting people' article.

Should you be insulted in the future, this unique perspective may well transform your anger into calmness and understanding.

I hope you will find the beauty and benefit of this new perspective.


Concept 1

The continuation of the human race and survival of the species is based entirely on personal selfishness.

Every child is born because one or both parents wanted to experience the love of that little child looking at them and saying; Mommy, Daddy.

People have children because they want to feel that incredible love for their child that you cannot feel or compare with anything else.

However, when a person decides to have a child, they ignore the reality of the inevitable suffering and misery that child will endure at some point in their life, emotionally, psychologically or physically, because suffering as a human is inevitable.

So the selfish desire to experience these emotions totally negates that you have forced that human being on a gamble as to what experience they will have for their lifetime.

Not to mention the other reasons people have children:

- so somebody will take care of you when you’re older and through your life,

- if you have no meaning and purpose in your life, a child will give your life meaning.

Yes, your children should hopefully have times of pleasure but they will probably and inevitably want children so that they will have a reason to live and experience that same great pleasure in life to help make all the suffering and difficulties and basic futility of existence worthwhile.

And so humanity continues generation after generation because of the selfishness of human nature.

Concept 2

Our Parents Had Us For Their Own Selfish Desires.

Parents often say that being a parent is the most selfless act. It should be! We're responsible for bringing this little human being into the world. So we better be selfless and put that kid before our own interests, but as you know, most adults, especially the young adults who are still children when they have children, rarely do that to the extent that it should be done.

And so in fact, choosing to be a parent is the most selfish act any human can do, but nature makes us be this way so that the species continues. Otherwise we would be the last ones on earth.

With selfishness as the foundation for your existence (because your parents had you for their own personal selfish desires), how can you get upset when anyone does anything without consideration of who they hurt because they were acting selfishly.

Concept 3

It’s very rare that somebody has sex with a partner who cares only for the pleasure they can give their partner.

And even in so doing the act with the pure intention of nothing more than giving pleasure to your partner, that itself is a selfish act because it will give you pleasure to please someone else.

The bottom line is every breath a human takes and every thought and every action ultimately is selfish for your own pleasure, benefit and survival.

No matter how you twist it or try to justify it, that’s what it’s all about.

And as mentioned in the introduction, the beauty or benefit and real reason I’ve written this article is so that if you will accept this, all the pain and suffering you endure because of what somebody else did will dissolve and never hurt you again.

Why? Because you will have accepted and understood the truth about human nature and every single human on earth including yourself which is beyond anyone’s capacity to deny or not be controlled by.

You cannot be angry at somebody who is helpless to control their actions, especially when you are the same.