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Beyond Being Insulted

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

This is not your typical 'How to deal with rude or insulting people' article.

Should you be insulted in the future, this unique perspective may well transform your anger into calmness and understanding.

I hope you will find the beauty and benefit of this new perspective.


Concept 1

The continuation of the human race and survival of the species is based entirely on personal selfishness.

Every child is born because one or both parents wanted to experience the love of that little child looking at them and saying; Mommy, Daddy.

People have children because they want to feel that incredible love for their child that you cannot feel or compare with anything else.

However, when a person decides to have a child, they ignore the reality of the inevitable suffering and misery that child will endure at some point in their life, emotionally, psychologically or physically, because suffering as a human is inevitable.

So the selfish desire to experience these emotions totally negates that you have forced that human being on a gamble as to what experience they will have for their lifetime.

Not to mention the other reasons people have children:

- so somebody will take care of you when you’re older and through your life,</