Unravel Confusion With All Is Mind

Wisdom comes from understanding. Understanding comes from learning what you do not know (but mistakenly think you do)

  • Learn to achieve peak performance & eliminate confusion AED990 US$270

    270 US dollars

Fix the machine of your mind. So your life goes forward instead of in circles.

Gain control of your mind and:


Discover the reasons you cannot stay focused or motivated


Become Creative, confident and have increased energy


Learn how to understand yours and others motivations and desires


Get the power to guide events to successful outcomes

This workshop will help you become the true master of your mind, thoughts, emotions and life

Workshop Details

The All Is Mind workshop, explains the nature of how the mind works, using the analogy of a machine and its parts.


The core principles of the workshop are common to everybody, how the mind and personality works, and that ‘machine’ is the same for every person.

This workshop gives you the ability to understand yourself and other people so you no longer have conflicts and negative emotional reactions but replace that with compassion and understanding. 


Become the wise person and fix everything around you

Become the wise person who can guide every situation to a positive outcome.

This workshop gives you the knowledge to grow in; business, relationships and self-esteem. 

The exercises will make the knowledge real to you, and not just intellectual. Everything you learn will fit your lifestyle even if you do not have time to spare. 

You can become more productive, positive, happy and balanced. Within a few short weeks you may find that your life has improved significantly in all aspects, career, relationships and personal development.

Start doing things you have always wanted to do


You will be able to do things that you have wanted to do, yet never found the strength, motivation or energy to do, moving forward without any effort. 


  • Attain equanimity and never get insulted again

  • Stop reacting with subjective opinions and creating unnecessary pain

  • Develop a predominant state of mental balance