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Build Unwavering Self-Esteem

 If you want to boost your self-esteem, we show you how to raise it and keep it strong

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Your self-esteem, how you view yourself, will determine how others see you.
Become a solid-gold book cover.

The gold you will take away in this workshop:


Affirmations are useless without practical application. 

We make it practical


Become the most respected person anyone ever met


Living without direction is a leaf blowing in the wind. Learn to direct your life and land where you want.


Practical methods to apply what we should all know by now.

Confucius said -
Do not strive to be respected.
Strive to be worthy of respect.

Workshop Details

In this workshop, you will learn how to build unwavering self-esteem.

Affirmations are good, but we need to back it up with actions that our sub-conscious mind can get motivated to change.

Sourced from the world's oldest teachings

This workshop is a selection of principles and practical exercises based on decades of study of many of the world's oldest teachings. 


What makes this workshop unique is that with each principle, David has created exercises of how to apply it. All are relevant and easy to apply in today’s hectic world.

Become proud to be you

Success comes to those who are worthy of it, because success begins in your subconscious mind, which knows the truth about you.


Become proud to be you, and success in all aspects of life, career, relationship and your view of yourself, will be yours.

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