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  • David Samuel

Thank you Will Smith For Standing By Your Woman

A letter to Will Smith.

When I met my late wife, she already had alopecia, but despite that, I saw a beautiful soul and heart that far outshined a woman with only a few strands of hair and otherwise bald.

I fell in love through my admiration of a woman who was so confident and comfortable with herself that she could go out in public, despite her appearance.

Mr Smith, I know how you feel, and I admire you for the courage you had to go on stage at such an event and defend your wife, who you clearly love very much.

Mr Rock, I condemn you for being so heartless as to insult and attack a woman with an illness that she can do nothing about. As you know, women take great pride in their hair, and this is a woman who, despite having lost something that women are highly regarded for as an aspect of their beauty and femininity, would support her husband and attend such a globally televised event.

To all women of the world, how would you feel to be heckled because you are holding hands or hugging the man you love in public because passers-by thought you are a gay male couple? Or, when you show your passport or photo ID, the person thinks you are a man. Just think about that, and then I expect that there is not a single woman in the world who would not side with Mr Smith for his actions but rather feel his love and devotion.

I say to Mr Rock and all of the world who condemn Mr Smith for his actions that although I wish no harm or illness to anyone, I do wish for anyone who feels Mr Smith was wrong to know the pain and suffering of seeing someone you love so dearly go through an illness.

As with my late wife, this illness could even lead to her death, so knowing that there is nothing you can do about it but see that person suffer is a helpless situation.

When you feel the pain that Mr Smith and I, and many others have felt, you should be the one apologizing, not just to Mr Smith, but more so to his wife.

She is the woman you should learn from, and the world should take inspiration from, to put her ego aside and be there to support her husband.

Would anyone complain if it was a mother protecting her child?

Love is the most important and valuable thing we have in our life as human beings. Mr Smith, your love is clearly so strong that it outpowers all of your personal feelings of ego and self-centredness to protect your image and your career that you deserve the highest nomination in the world.

Sadly, the world cares more about its foolish images than the love and protection of the one you love and is forcing you to apologize for having that deepest love. People care about the gift wrap instead of the jewel in the box. We are not just this body, we are someone who lives inside it, and when we interact with that in mind, the world will be a better place.

If the world tells you that you should not express emotions, it is telling you that you should not feel love because one comes with the other, and likewise, one will die without the other.

Instead of saying you reacted wrongly due to an emotional reaction, we should start teaching manners and respect.

This joke was not at your expense Mr Smith; as you mentioned in your apology, it was an immature attack on a woman with an illness for the sake of his benefit of making people laugh. Anyone who laughs at a sick or disabled person is in the wrong here.

Mr Smith, cherish your love for each other, and please explain this to the world instead of apologizing for it because that is the only chance humanity has.

by David Samuel