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How To Make Love Not War During Covid-19

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Relationships took a big hit during Covid-19. With most people house-bound, frustration at the lack of freedom and loss of jobs or income boiled over. Who often took the hit? Our family and loved ones. David writes about growing in love when the going gets tough.

How To Make Love Not War During Covid-19 - David Samuel

There have been many breakups and divorces coming from this time of being forced to stay at home, 24/7. BBC reports of couples relationships souring quickly during the pandemic. The only solution is to understand that we have all become quite sick, mentally and emotionally, due to the situation.

These three tips will guide you through this pandemic and any future hardships you face in your relationships.

1. Forgive people for saying things they don't mean

We must all perceive this as a period of global mental illness, where everyone may say horrible things that they do not mean. It's like a disease that makes you argue and become hyper-sensitive, imagining things and exploding irrationally.

We must be compassionate enough to take it from each other without taking it personally, like you would take care of a sick person in pain who is lashing out at you, by understanding their temporary insanity. Likewise, know that you are doing the same thing, equally under the stress of this mental pressure.

2. It's not your fault

Everyone takes pressure differently, and some cannot take much pressure before they crack. Let's assume it is your fault. The stress of being incarcerated at home, fear of financial stress, it's all too much.

It's not your fault; it's the fault of life, creating a situation as humanity has never seen before. Yes, there have been pandemics, but we have never had the world economy shut down and restrict almost the entire world to their home. It's worse than any war.

"This is a new situation for humanity, globally. It’s going to make everyone crazy to some degree. We may soon see mass violence and crime, maybe or maybe not, but in some countries crime will definitely increase when we are let out, there will be no other way for people to survive without a job. - David Samuel