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Life Is Like A Game Of Chess (& How To Win)

Updated: Jan 24

How to win as a player instead of a pawn in life's great game.

Life Is Like A Game Of Chess (& How To Win)

Many good-hearted people cannot seem to get ahead in life.

Every time they are saving money or moving forward, someone comes along who needs help and being soft-hearted, these people drain their savings to help out.

Sadly the people they help are in perpetual need, so they continue to drain others resources.

This article presents how to break out of the habitual pattern of being used by others and finally get ahead in life.

1. Realise you are a Pawn

The game is between two players who do not care about the pieces on the board - they simply want to win.

We, humans, are the pieces. We are alive but always being played and moved emotionally by someone else's hand.

The trick to winning this game of chess is to realise that you are just a pawn being played.

Then you will get an objective perspective of what the right thing to do is at each moment.

2. Aim to reach the other side

In this chess game, if any piece reaches the other side, all come back to life.

You can only give what you have. Giving is not just about money; it also includes knowledge and strength of character.

What you make of yourself gives you the power to help others in a more significant way.

So, when one of our fellow pieces falls, that is, when life brings them down, we care and encourage them as best we can, but ultimately, we must keep moving forward.

Our goal is the end of the chessboard, where we find our freedom from our human weaknesses, frailties, and anything that stops us from achieving a state of inner contentment.

Being a game in which our fellow humans are the pieces, the players affect future generations as well as their own.

The pawns of the next generation are today's children. So we must remember that these kids will live a life that depends on what influences they experience today.

3. Devote yourself to helping today's kids

Whether we are parents or not, we must devote ourselves to the kids of today by becoming stronger people. More robust emotionally, more prosperous financially and more peaceful.

When we attain a higher level of personal achievement in our lives, we reach the end of this human chessboard and all benefit.

Then we increase the chances of helping the future generation become wiser and more vital pieces in the game.

In a sense, we live and die in our emotions long before our body dies. So we must accept what needs to be done to keep vitality in life.

We must make the best decisions for the long term.

If that means saying 'no' to a small thing today so that you will have a lot more to give in the future, then so do it.

Our wise decisions set good examples for children to follow so they can become wiser adults.


Do what you must to attain your freedom while helping as many people as possible.

For those who have fallen, help them as best you can but don't be deceived by anyone who is using guilt or self-pity to manipulate you.

Like anyone in pain, feel for them, but remember it will heal in time.

What does not kill you will make you stronger, and usually, the future we cry about is not as bad as we imagine it to be.