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How to Heal Your Life & Gain Your Power

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Anybody determined to achieve their goals has no doubt tried positive affirmations.

Affirmations are statements you say to yourself that are supposed to help you overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts.

The reality however is that they don't often work.

In this article, David shares the four steps to using positive thoughts in a way that actually gets results.

1. Stop Thinking You Are A Bad Person

If you are a person who gives all of yourself to those around you and leaves nothing for yourself, you are going to suffer emotionally.

Many people think that being selfless is the right thing. They think in terms of "what can I do to be more selfless". However, David's approach is the eastern way of removing what is in the way rather than adding.

To use an example from medicine, it’s the removal of cancer and not the addition of a healthy organ that heals the body.

The suffering a person feels when they do not take care of themselves affects their self-esteem and confidence which has an impact on their finances and ability to create wealth.

The question is why do people not take care of themselves? Why do you not love yourself?

The answer is astounding.

We don't care for ourselves out of fear.

It's the FEAR of being seen as a bad person if you did put yourself before anyone else. And that is what prevents you from loving yourself.

Trying to convince yourself that you are good and wonderful, without removing the fear of being a bad person, is like trying to fill a bucket full of holes with water.

2. Start Removing The Negative Thoughts Before Adding New Thoughts

David teaches that the solution to all problems is to find the cause of the cause by seeing the opposite of the problem.

With the problem of too much stress, for example, instead of affirming that we want more joy or more peace in our lives, we need to first remove some of the stress.

If you have a glass that is half full of water, and you want to put in more air, there is no way more air will go in. But, if you remove the water, the air will come in automatically without any effort or even any way to prevent it from filling the glass. It's natural and effortless.

Positive affirmations work the same way as a cup of water. The original thoughts took up the space in your mind, and the new positive thoughts roll off an already full cup.

If you repeat affirmations about the things you want in your life but have not done the important job of removing some of the old thoughts, then you are simply putting yourself into a trance-like state.

When you are in a trance it is amazing what you can achieve, but the problem is, you can only do that under the spell. As soon as you wake up from the trance you're back to 'square one'.

Take the example of the Indians at their Panguni Uthiram festival.

They put meat hooks on their back and hang from a rope, without feeling any pain or damage to their body. How? They are put in a hypnotic trance.

Image from StoryTrender.com

Positive thoughts and affirmations are essentially a form of self-hypnosis.

With repetitive thoughts or affirmations, you are doing something similar. You might feel like it's working for a short period of time that you repeat the thoughts, but it usually doesn't last. Because you have to clear the problem thoughts first.

3. You Must See How Your Thoughts Are Controlling You

Your negative self-view, or even the slightest negative or demeaning idea you have about yourself is a lot worse than you realise. It's like cancer.

Sadly it is also the most common cancer in humans, and most difficult to cure since it is invisibly hidden in your mind.

Mahatma Gandhi said; “If I think a thing long enough, surely I will become that way.”

Everyone knows that a motivational weekend workshop is very helpful, until a couple of days afterwards when the effects fade away.

Around Tuesday afternoon, the good feelings wear off and you're back to your old self.

Such is the power of our existing thoughts that will not allow the new ones in to stay for very long.

Think in terms of 'What can I remove'

Instead of trying to convince yourself that you are a certain way or you can achieve a particular goal, I am suggesting another way, a way of removal rather than addition.

Like people with their vision boards that never materialize any more than the photos themselves.

Having succeeded in every goal in my life; learning to fly and owning my own plane, millionaire by age 25, retire before 30, travel to 92 countries so far, the list goes on and on, I even wanted to stop a bank robbery, and that actually happened! I can tell you that it's by removing the obstacle instead of covering it up that you will make fast and permanent change.

4. Embrace The Truth Of Your Situation To Regain Your Full Power

Putting on makeup does not fix bad skin. Eventually, your date will wake up with you and see the truth.

It’s the moment after we see the truth having believed a lie, that our heart breaks.

This is where a lot of damage occurs to us.

We lived in lies about our parents or other people who we thought really cared about us, but in reality, they only cared about themselves.

For many people, hope and motivation for life die because of the lies they once believed and then woke up one day to discover the reality.

It's dealing with the shock of reality that hurts the most, the inner conflict trying to resolve; 'how can that be!'

My workshops are about teaching you the language of truth, which is how to see objective reality, even if it's not what you prefer to see.

In finding this truth of each situation you prevent disaster from hitting you.

Regain Your Full Power

The most valuable benefit is in regaining the power that we once used for destructive thoughts.

Imagine the extent of this power used to hurt you throughout your life.

Now imagine how your life will be different when all the damage is healed. And, on top of that, you gain that same power to control your life in a positive way.

The athlete on the springboard always flies up higher than they pushed the board down.


It's Your Time To Shine

The time has come for you to stop being the board that is pushed down under someone else.

Become the athlete and control the power that can launch you to live a life that is emotionally free, powerful and most importantly content and happy.

Join our new workshop Heal Your Life, Gain Your Power to quickly gain the power to heal and turn any damage into positive, permanent and perpetual growth.