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Beyond Happiness

Updated: Jan 31

Discover why happiness is not the goal and the importance of high self-worth.

David Samuel - Beyond Happiness

When David was 6 years old, he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

I wanted to retire before 30, become a monk, learn about the spiritual side of life [which I did for about seven years] and then teach for the rest of my life; To share the knowledge I have about how to balance the spiritual life [without religion] with the material life.

The path he discovered and recommends to all is a balanced life.

So you have a normal balanced life, with a nice car, a nice house, a family, love, business, work - whatever you desire - but in a way that you are proud to be who you are.

After many travels and experiences, David discovered the importance of going beyond happiness.

It's having a character of high self-esteem, self-confidence, comfort and feeling settled in your heart. It's much better than seeking happiness. When something makes you happy, it always comes with a tinge of fear that you may lose it. So I believe in seeking contentment. I am content. Nobody can aggravate me, manipulate me, make me feel guilty if I haven't done something wrong. That's what I am trying to teach.

What makes David's teachings authentic and trustworthy is his unyielding belief that we should teach nothing that we have not first experienced.

The work I teach in all my workshops is based on my personal experience entirely. They are things I have done and learnt and from teaching my students around the world.

Each workshop is tailored to specific examples, be it Career, Relationships, Communication, Ending Frustration and Anger or the more profound workshops such as 'All Is Mind' and the 'Anatomy the Mind'.

These two workshops explain the basics of human psychology in a way that is very simple for anyone to understand and very effective and long-lasting. In fact, the longer you do it, you continue to change.

This is David's intention of teaching. To help people have a better life.

David maintains a busy monthly schedule running his workshops - both available online for his international audience and in-person based wherever he is based (for 2021-2022 he is based in Dubai, UAE).

Last words David?

Just in case reincarnation is real, and I am born to you, I want you to be a wonderful parent, just teasing, but maybe it's true.

For the detailed version of this article, watch David's video below: