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  • Writer's pictureDavid Samuel

How To Find Your Motivation In Life

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

If you are suffering from a lack of motivation or lack of purpose, maybe you are looking in the wrong place for direction.

When we feel an emptiness or something is wrong, we generally look at whatever it is that we think is the problem. If your back hurts, you would look at your back, but it could be a problem in your foot that makes you walk off balance and that makes your hips uneven which twists your spine and causes the pain in your back.

The pain is in your back, but the problem is in your foot.

If you feel something is missing in your life, and you cannot find a spark or something that motivates you, if there is a sort of overall dullness and you wake up feeling; “Oh, another day to deal with.” rather than the sun shining from within your eyes, excited to get out of bed and do all the things you are looking forward to do, something must change.

The solution is always in the problem. You are looking for an answer but you are not looking in the right place where the problem really is.

It’s like looking for something you lost in your house, when you lost it in the office.

When nothing motivates you, and you look for some thing that will motivate and excite you, you are looking in the wrong place, you do not know where the real problem is. You are looking out the window through dirty glasses, so the image is blurred, and try to clean the window to get clarity, but it never comes.

Let’s look at the cause of all things; your mind. When you look at something, and see it, you assume your eyes are what sees, but that is not actually true. Yes, your eyes have received the image of the thing they are pointed towards, but it is your brain, your mind, that actually sees and tells you, your consciousness, what your eyes are looking at.

We all know that our eyes can deceive us, and see things that are not actually as they are. The problem is, you have forgotten that your mind is the actual problem, because your mind interprets what it sees.

I fly a small plane. When I flew through a cloud for the first time, my eyes saw the cloud, but my mind interpreted it as a solid object and gave my body the panic that I was about to fly into a solid object at 5,000 feet above the ground and crash and die. I felt that panic, my heart was racing, but I used my knowledge of clouds to overcome my fear that my mind created by how it interpreted what my eyes saw.