Heal Your Life, Find Your Power

The new workshop on harnessing the full power of the human mind to heal your life


Learn to correct the mental power that has harmed you to overcome your limits, doubts or inhibitions.

After this session you will know:


How to find the real cause of any obstacle in your life and fix it


How to love yourself and heal past wounds


How to 'empty your cup' so you can fill it with what you want

Workshop Details

Are positive thoughts and affirmations not working for you?

If you are a person who gives and gives but does not take care of, or love yourself, thinking that being selfless is the right thing, you are going to suffer and be stuck there all your life.

Do you take care of yourself, or love yourself? 

Simply trying to love yourself by thoughts and repeated affirmations does not help, it is not going to permanently fix the problem.

Everyone knows that a motivational weekend workshop is very helpful, until Tuesday afternoon when the effects wear off.

Healing begins with knowing WHY you do not take care of yourself. 

We will explore the cause of the fear that blocks self-acceptance, and how to remove that fear, which brings emotional freedom and acceptance automatically, as air fills your lungs when you inhale.

The unique concepts in this workshop are beneficial tools for psychologists, therapists, councillors, as well as individuals from teens to the elderly, anyone who has emotional inhibitions or feelings of self-doubt.