End Frustration & Master Communication

You cannot argue when you understand. Understanding comes from knowing you do not know, then seeing what it really is.


Reduce frustration, anger and conflicts
by 50% within a week *
*Based on students feedback

You will learn:


That words have no meaning other than the power you give them


How to leave the 'knife' on the table.


How to remove your buttons so no one can anger or manipulate you


How to really smile like one happy student: "I'm just smiling all the time, and I never smiled before"

Words have no power to control you. 
Only YOU have the power to control you.

Workshop Details

Learn to live without conflicts and frustration

Imagine a life without:

  • Anger

  • Arguments

  • Resistance

  • Emotional Pain & Suffering

  • Frustration

  • Conflicts

  • Guilt

  • Being Manipulated

  • And many negative emotions


A life where all conversations are harmonious


Imagine a life where all conversations are harmonious, without saying things you regret for the rest of your life. 


This workshop is a simple, clear and concise explanation of the cause of frustration, anger and conflicts and how to end them. 

Immediately reduce your frustration


Improve your personal relationships and business interactions within days!


People who have participated in this workshop say their anger is reduced by as much as 50% within a week. And they are getting the support of people who previously made life as difficult as they could.

Turn any frustrating situation into a calm and positive one

I had my first amazing experience today at work 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ I feel enlightened.
A colleague got really pissed at me. That she is so busy and I cannot expect her to get a weeks work done in a day and I just have to wait. I used what David taught last night, and she took care of it within 30 minutes 🙈
I understood she wasn't pissed at me, but with the situation. So instead of taking it personally I considered what would help me to get my problem solved asap.
I will definitely visit more of your courses.    V, Dubai


It’s an astounding method of significantly improving communications and mastering all interpersonal situations, turning any potentially angry situation into a calm and positive one. 


We focus on the source of communication, the mind, and how it interprets situations, often inappropriately seeing things differently than they actually are. 


We will discuss everyday communication and its power to negatively control you, and the keys to disarming that power. 


Vastly different from 'anger management' techniques


This workshop is uniquely different from anger management training as it is not about managing frustration or anger. It is about eliminating those reactions from arising altogether. 


You become simply impossible to be incited or feel insulted, a totally free state of mind. 


Anyone can achieve this state free of negative emotions which means the emotional energy is all focused on positive experiences. 

Set a positive mood around you


Make your life more positive and vibrant as you set the mood which encourages people around you to calm down as well. 


You will learn:

  • The mechanics behind the causes of anger, frustration, conflicts, both with other people and with your own desires and thoughts, and the methods of how to stop self-sabotage and contradictory behaviour. 


  • How to communicate and work positively and effectively with other people. 


  • How to identify the root causes of conflicts with other people and quickly avoid miscommunication from turning into a full-blown conflict. 


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