Workshops with David Samuel

Find and keep a loving relationship - Level 2

Level 1 brought you up to being an '8'
Level 2 will guide you to be an '11'

  • Learn the way to keep a quality man in your life. AED199 US$55

    55 US dollars

With master relationship  coach David Samuel


Interactive exploration of the changes from Level 1, deepens the benefits

This workshop will give you the tools you need to enjoy a deeply loving relationship that lasts


Expand on the results from the exercises in Level 1


Powerful additions to deepen your love and emotional connection


Personal interactions with David to refine your skills


Enhance what you have and learn to open your heart without fear

Take your understanding
to a higher and deeper level

Workshop Details

Prerequisite: Find and keep a loving relationship - Level 1

This session continues on from the previous work presenting additional topics and exercises to raise your level such that your relationship will last a lifetime and keep the passion burning.


Participants will be able to explore their experiences from the exercises in the first level to take their understanding to a much higher, and deeper level.

See things you never saw before


This continuation session will be will enlighten you to see things you never saw before, about how your mind works and how your partner thinks and feels, bringing you both to experience a connection and union of being the Best and Dearest Friends you could have ever dreamed of having, especially in your Passionate and Loving Partner.