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Reach The Pinnacle Of Your Career

Build an admirable character that propels you to the top of your career

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The journey of 20 years on your own,
will take 2 days with an experienced guide who has already walked the path.
David Samuel is that guide.

Join the club of the leaders and learn the following:


Why some people without skills or talent succeed above the rest


Power is being able to see solutions in other peoples disasters


It's not magic. It's simply learning what you are missing


People follow the ones they respect. You can become that person.

Learn how to use your mind in a different way.
Discover vital clarity to achieve success.

Workshop Details

Reach the pinnacle of your career is a very interactive workshop.


It has exercises that bring hidden thoughts to the forefront of your mind and will make you discover vital clarity to achieve success.


The workshop includes up to 5 follow-up texts or emails with David to work on the results of the exercises you do to help you refine your focus.


This isn't taught in business school

Learn the keys they never teach in business school that set you apart from everyone else in any sector.


  • Success is 20% skill and 80% personality. 

  • Learn how to keep going and bounce back after setbacks

  • Get the right personality for success and creativity

  • Fine tune your goals with laser precision

  • You will get the most important key to success, direction 

Why do some people without special skills or talent succeed above the rest?


This interactive workshop will present the keys behind the leaders of business.


In this workshops we will explore 12 personality traits for success and give you 

8 exercises, some to do in the workshop and others to continue.


You will get:

  • Increased motivation

  • Power to overcome any obstacle or set-back

  • Clarity and direction for your goals, which is which is the difference between achieving success or not

  • Remove negative thoughts and fears

  • Develop will-power and self-discipline

  • Discover vital clarity to achieve success.


Learn from a master guide​

Starting his first business at 13 years old, by 25, David Samuel had built a conglomerate of 8 companies, and was able to retire at 28, enjoying the rest of his life travelling the world, 91 countries so far, learning to fly and having his own airplane, and pursuing his other interests, as well as the occasional business venture.


To date, David has owned and operated companies in over 20 sectors from retail to nuclear waste remediation, with a vast array of different companies internationally, always successful.


The most intriguing feature of his success is that he only completed high school and has no formal training past that.


You can do this too, it’s just learning how to use your mind in a different way.

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