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Discover The Hidden Anatomy Of The Mind

A unique tool to bring your life into a state of balance and emotional health

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The mind has emotional organs,

like the body has its organs. 
When one organ gets sick,

all the others suffer

Understand the organs of your mind to create harmony and balance throughout your life.


Learn what an 'ill' organ looks like and how to fix it


Flip negative emotions into positive ones


Discover why every emotion has a healthy and good use


Know what the state of your organs are so you gain insight that can transform you

Learning about the organs of your mind is like making the monsters go away
by turning on the light

Workshop Details

Just as the body has a heart, liver, kidneys, etc, so the mind has its organs.


These include the organs of Love, Hate, Pity, Anger, Fear and more. 


This workshop presents the Mind and Personality as individual organs in the body of your mind. 


Each organ, like the organs in our body, have a useful function, but if they become cancerous, atrophied or ill, they will destroy the other organs and eventually, the whole body, in this case the mind, emotional balance, and ultimately, your life.


By identifying our emotions and behaviours as individual organs, we explore the positive and negative sides of each aspect of our personality so we can return each organ, emotion, to a healthy function rather than atrophy into fixed and self-destructive behaviour patterns. 


The Anatomy of the Mind is a working tool that anyone can use to bring their life to a state of balance and grow past limited behaviour which is the foundation of a healthy mental, emotional and physical life. 

 Includes a free ebook, "Anatomy of Mind"

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